Irrigation Design & Consulting

Water Efficiency and Irrigation Managment

Design Makes a Difference

Creating your water footprint

A thoughtful design by a certified professional maximizes efficiency, minimizes water consumption and eliminates non-target watering. All Smart Watering Systems (SWS) designs are produced in-house allowing you to work directly with your professional designer. Your project will never be out sourced or sent to another company.

Why certification is important

When installing any system, as with any project, design and planning are the foundation to success. To plan an effective, efficient irrigation system, the designer must have experience and education – the cornerstones to effective water management. To that end, our certifications with The Irrigation Association ensure that we are qualified and aware of the rapidly changing technology available for water resource management.

Certified Irrigation Designers engage in the preparation of irrigation designs to meet the needs of a particular project, selecting the most effective irrigation equipment or materials for the application and utilizing the information in such a manner that efficient and cost-effective irrigation designs are produced which meet the water requirements for the plant material being irrigated.

View our SWS Certifications for more information.

Our service include:

  • Site inspections
  • Project management
  • Water budgeting
  • Installation/commissioning inspections and reports

Did You Know?

Irrigation system efficiency is what determines annual water costs for a landscape. On an acre of landscape, even a 10% increase in efficiency can make a MILLION LITRE difference in terms of a landscapes water budget. Think about it…..with rising water rates shouldn’t you start with the most efficient design possible? Of course you should….especially if you are using harvested or reclaimed water. High efficiency = smaller storage volume required, and this means money saved long term. Get SMART about your water use and make very drop count!