The Gift of Potable Water

On behalf of SMART Watering Systems clients and water conservation partners Bentall Kennedy, Brookfield Residential Services Ltd., and FCR Management Services LP, SWS has purchased Sustainability credits that will held deliver potable water to people in need.

The water sustainability credit will provide materials to construct a sand based water filter in water stressed areas of the Sudan. These filters provide 20,000 L per year of clean drinking water to South Sudan, which avoids approximately 3 tonnes per year of greenhouse gas emissions resulting from deforestation associated with boiling a portion of this water.”

SWS is happy to support Enviro-Stewards in their efforts to reduce "water poverty" in water stressed areas of the world. For more information please visit their website

(click on this link to see a great story).
We welcome Enviro-Stewards staff back from a safe journey as they traveled to South Sudan over the Christmas Holidays.

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