Abbotsford Mission Water Sewer Services Commission (AMWSC) and City of Abbotsford Partners with SWS

A few years ago, the City of Abbotsford realized the importance of protecting their fresh water resource. Their peak day water demand had almost reached its threshold. They had to take action on water conservation and recently implemented a tiered water rate system along with water conservation kits.

As a fast growing community they had to be proactive building awareness among their water consumers. In 2010 they banned outdoor irrigation to reduce peak day demand. In 2011 they partnered with SMART Watering Systems to allow irrigation while aggressively improving water efficiency to ensure a sustainable future for the irrigation industry.

In  2011, SMART Watering Systems was contracted to educate city staff and help them create and implement innovative irrigation water conservation programs. These programs educate residential and commercial property owners on outdoor irrigation consumption and water efficiency opportunities through efficient irrigation.

Stay tuned for results on the latest irrigation pilot research project that includes residential and commercial retrofits. The project will evaluate water conservation and efficiency improvements resulting from several system upgrades and improvements.

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